Heartland Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association

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Show Rules

AGS/ADGA rules will govern the Show.  The Open Junior Doe and Senior Doe shows are separately sanctioned. Animals entered MUST BE REGISTERED WITH AGS OR ADGA OR BOTH. Wethers must be AGS registered. The afternoon show will begin after the morning show is complete. 

All animals in the ADGA Youth Show must be registered in the Youth Name or all the Family Names, but youth's name must be listed on papers. Youth ADGA or AGS animals with an adult listed on papers will not be eligible to be counted toward any youth highpoint awards.

The show order is subject to change at the Judge’s and Show Chair’s discretion.

 All animals will be measured as they enter the ring.  Over height animals will not be allowed to show.


NO DOGS allowed in the barn or in any area where goats are being loaded or unloaded.


No baiting of animals is allowed in the show ring (use of treats, feed, scents, bottles,  or any substance or device to enhance the goat’s behavior in the show ring) .


 It is expected that exhibitors respect the animals and property of others.


Parking alongside of the barn is reserved for cars and trucks.  ALL trailers must be parked in designated parking spaces in the parking lot in front of the barn.  Do not block the doors into the barn.  Do not block the roads/fire lanes around the barn.  Do not use extension cords to run power from the barn to your trailer.


If you require electricity or water for your trailer, park in the RV parking on the fair grounds.  Information about the availability and fees for RV spaces may be found at http://www.clevelandcountyfair.org/173/RV-Park.


For those of you crossing state lines be sure to satisfy any special requirements that might arise.  Check with your vet.

It is the responsibility of each winning exhibitor to ensure the accuracy of any forms; the Show Committee cannot be held responsible for loss of any win or championship leg.


PLEASE NOTE: Any animals with lumps or abscesses or otherwise ill in the opinion of the show committee, will be quarantined and not allowed to show with all fees being forfeited. The HNDGA Club nor its officers will be responsible for the health, any resulting illness, or possible death of any animal.

The base date for calculating age is the date of the show entered and animal to be judged.

ADGA/AGS Youth show for exhibitors 21 years or younger and the animal may be in the youth or family's name as long as the youth's name is listed on the papers. Youth must be included on Family Membership and reside at address of registration. ADGA or AGS animals with any adult listed on the paperwork will be ineligible to be counted toward any youth highpoint awards.

Only animals registered in a Youth's name will be eligible to earn points for Youth Premier Breeder. If more than one youth is named on the registration certificate, ONE Youth shall be nominated at Check In to earn points. If no name is nominated, selection will be up to the Show Committee.

The Show Committee reserves the right to amend or change the show rules as needed.