Heartland Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association

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Please take time to thank and support our Sponsors.

All Sponsors will be acknowledged in our show book, as well as mentioned at the show. We need donations and raffle items to help offset the cost of the show so we can keep our entry fees low and obtain quality judges.

We are also seeking Sponsors to fully fund the Youth Show!

Show and Raffle Sponsors

Auto Zone 

Bev Chambers Estate

Buffalo Clover Farms / Jan Nelson


Canadian Valley VIneyard



Community Coffee

Cowboy Hall of Fame

Cynthia Cook and CD& J Mini Ranch

Dominos Pizza

Fight Bac Teat Spray

Fire House Subs

Garrett Truly Berry and GTB Farm



Jennifer Gregory

Jennifer Mather Marketing

Keylse Shaye Christofoletti

Masons Pecans and Pecans

Meagan Driscoll Francis

Michalah Othniel and Kidco Nigerians

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company

OK Doe K Dairy Goats and Goodchild Family

Outback Steakhouse

Pamela Slabaugh and Tilly the Goat Princess

Perot Museum Dallas

Raising Canes

Rachel Kuchan and Sunset Plains Farm

Rancho Briscoe and Kim Briscoe

Red Robin

RedBud Ridge Vineyard

Revolver Brewing

Rudy's BBQ

Sam Noble Museum

Short on Heaven Nigerians

Showtime Farm and Dayle Biner



Stillwater Milling

Storytail Farm

Summers Barnyard

Susan Brenham and Sue B's Nigerians

Think It Design It

Tractor Supply

Valley Vet Supply

Show Awards


Rott'n Goat Farm - Friday Youth Show

Kristin Moody Browne - Snicklefritz Farms - Saturday Morning Open
Lynn McAdoo - Dav-Lyn Farms - Bev Chambers Memorial Grand Champion
Jennifer Herrscher - Aries Nigerian Goats - Saturday ANDDA Specialty Grand Champion

Renee Pelzel - Short on Heaven - Sunday Youth Show

Garrett Truly Berry - Friday Youth Best Udder
Jessica Mather Marketing - Saturday Open Best Udder
Kelsey Shaye Christofoletti - Saturday ANDDA Specialty Best Udder
Karen Vallot - Bev Chambers Youth Best Udder
Meagan Driscoll Francis - Bev Chambers Open Best Udder

Erin Yeager - 2 classes
Cheryl Lloyd - 3 classes

Mary & Ron Segal - 3 Class